Pune University and Rubiscape Jointly Offers

Advance Course in

“Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning”
Propel Your Career into the AI Revolution

Advance Course in

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dedicated AI Lab

Dive into AI with our hands-on campus lab! Experiment with cutting-edge tech & unlock your potential.

Data Science Expertise

Master in-demand topics like Stats, Python, Machine Learning, Forecasting & Deep Learning.

Practical Capstone Projects

Industry capstone projects put your AI knowledge to work. Gain hands-on skills you need to launch your career.

World-Class Institution

Earn your AI degree from SPPU Pune, a top-ranked Indian institute with renowned faculty and global recognition.

Industry-Aligned Curriculum

Get hands-on with real-world AI challenges. Industry capstone projects build your skills for career success.

Master's and PhD Pathway

Launchpad for your AI future. Pursue postgraduate studies and delve deeper.

Program Benefits

Master programming fundamentals in
Python and R

Develop and integrate machine learning systems with large-scale AI models

Engage in hands-on projects,  immersing yourself in the practical application

Access to SPPU’s extensive resources  like libraries & computer centers

Receive Degree Certificate from SPPU
Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning
Upon the successful culmination of the journey in the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence program, Pune University bestows upon its graduates a distinguished Bachelor’s degree.
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